Voltage:AC 380V



Machine size:1400x1200x7000mm(高度可根据具体需求而定)

Conveying material characteristics:solid、Long strip、Straight line noodle、spaghetti、rice flour and many more

This machine is used for the transportation of long-shaped, pasta, rice flour and other long strips with a certain elasticity of 200-240mm length. It can transport regular materials from top to bottom in multiple layers.

Site requirements: The equipment should be established inside the room with flat floor. No shaking and bumping.

Floor requirements: it should be hard and non-conductive.

Temperature: -5~40℃

Relative humidity: <75%RH, no condensation.

Dust: no conductive dust.

Air: no flammable and combustible gas or objects,no gas which can make damage to mental.

Altitude: under 1000 meters

Ground connection: safe and reliable ground environment.

Power grid: stable power supplying, and volatility within +/-10%.

Other requirements: keep away from rodents

Appeal point:

The vertical blanking device is a way of material transportation. The function of the device is: material is transported from top to bottom, and multi-layer materials share channels. Characteristics of conveying materials: long strip shape, good linearity and continuous uninterrupted conveying. Vertical blanking structure features: The channel is a cavity composed of two folding plates. The whole body vibrates under high frequency driving. The material is tumbling from top to bottom in the shape of the broken line. The material is smoothly from the multi-layer plane. The order of the fall. The device has the advantages of simple mechanism, small occupied area, strong practicability, simple structure, convenient maintenance and low failure rate.

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