• 2018

    Double-layer cutting machine and flat pockets are put into mass production;

    Successful trial production of high-speed steamed bread production line;

  • 2017

    High-speed weighing machines are put into mass production;

    New paper packaging machine, new 2500g paper packaging machine put into production in small batches;

    Push-type flat pocket, tote bagging machine, double-layer cutting machine test machine completed;

    The high-speed steamed bread pressing machine and the steaming machine have been successfully trial-produced.

  • 2016

    Stereo bag packaging machine developed successfully

    Vertical flat pocket, casual food three-dimensional bagging machine, steamed bread machine, steamed bread forming machine developed successfully

  • 2015

    Cutting machine developed successfully;

    Successful trial production of 2500g paper packaging machine;

    Robot automatic feeding trial success

  • 2014

    Ranked as a national high-tech enterprise

    Established Yaojiali Company

    Paper packaging and sealing machine developed successfully

    Reciprocating shrink film trial production success

    Ring automatic feeding trial success

  • 2013

    The new plant in Shangma was completed and put into use;

    High-tightness universal paper packaging available

  • 2012

    Introducing the strapping project

    Large packaging trial success

  • 2011

    Three servo three scales fully automatic research and development success;

    Realize weighing and binding paper packaging connection;

    Vice President Unit of China National Cereals and Oils Association;

    Vice President Unit of China Food Science and Technology Society

  • 2010

    Noodle paper packaging machine developed successfully

    Vertical packaging machine introduced to the leaf industry for the first time

  • 2009

    Touch screen controlWeighing machine was born

    Successful development Plastic bag round bag

    Bundling machine put on the market

  • 2008

    1000gWeighing machine available

    Three scale automaticTarget market 40 Package/min

  • 2007

    The company was established in Binchuan Road, Lisong District